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Dream Defenders:

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The Dream Defenders, a group of active, passionate college students who refuse to accept “No” for an answer, have been occupying the Governor’s office at Florida’s State Capital since Tuesday, July 16, 2013,after George Zimmerman was found
“Not Guilty” by jury in the death of
Trayvon Martin.



dream defenders at CapitolTheir Cause – To petition Governor Rick Scott to call a  Special Legislative Session to address the “Stand Your Ground Law” in the wake of the verdict. George Zimmerman, the zealous neighborhood watchman who stalked, shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, 17 year old African-American male, is now a free man.

trayvon's mom sabryna fulton

Sybrina Fulton holds a photo of her son,
Trayvon Martin, while speaking at a gathering of the National Urban League.

Tuesday, August 13th will mark the start of the fifth week of the Dream Defender’s peaceful sit-in of Gov. Rick Scott’s office. We are demanding that the Governor call a special session of the legislature to enact Trayvon’s Law, which would repeal Stand Your Ground, ban racial profiling, and end the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Just as our third week in the Capitol was drawing to a close, we saw some of the most significant progress to date when the leader of the Florida House of Representatives announced that there would be hearings on the Stand Your Ground Law. This is far from satisfying our demands but it is a major step in the right direction. 

jesse jackson at the capitol

Sitting and sleeping in the Capitol has not been easy but we are strengthened by the support we have received. Although we’ve had the honor of being joined by civil rights luminaries like Harry Belafonte and Jesse Jackson, we have been even more heartened by the everyday folks who have come from around the state of Florida and the nation to join us. Since we began, we have been joined by students, a diverse group of faith leaders, and people of all ages and backgrounds.

Of course, we are also incredibly grateful to folks like yourself who have signed our petition, clogged the Governors phone lines on our National Call In Day, and sent material and moral support our way. We are in this for the long haul and we continue to need the support of like-minded folks from around Florida and the nation. Please continue to help by sharing our petition on your Facebook page? Just copy and paste this link as your status and tell your friends why you support us:

rick scott call the session

All of your support has not been in vain.  We hope that the Governor will take this as a sign that legislative leaders are ready to deal with the issues that led to Trayvon’s death and that he will call the Special Session. We plan to remain in the Capitol until our demand to Governor Rick Scott to convene a Special Session of the Legislature has been met.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Dream Defenders

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