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Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.


 On Christmas Eve 1993,  the Scott sisters, Jamie and Gladys, were arrested for luring two men down a road in Forest Mississippi where the men were held at bay with a shotgun and robbed.  Three related male teens – aged 14-18 – confessed to the robbery in turn for light sentences but were made to testify that the sisters were involved.  Two of these teens were sentenced to eight years but released after only 2 and the 14 year old served only 10 months in jail.  Despite the Scott sisters persistent denials that they were nowhere near the robbery, both received double consecutive life sentences  for a crime that netted $11. In 1998, one of the Patrick boys, who copped a plea by testifying against the sisters, recanted and signed an affidavit stating the sisters had nothing to do with the crime.

Time is now of the essence.  Having been confined in excess of 16 years, Jamie is very ill with massive kidney failure.  Her sister and others have volunteered to donate a kidney to save her life.  Petitions for pardon have been placed before Gov. Haley Barbour who is passing the buck to the Mississippi State Board of Parole.  Doesn’t he realize the whole world is watching to see how he will right this unconscionable wrong! 

What’s even more baffling is how such a grotesque injustice was upheld by the Court of Appeals and the state Supreme Court. The girls’ mother, Mrs. Rasco, has been fighting this case for 16 years and  believes that this unjust conviction and  unscrupulous imprisonment is a vindictive measure taken against her family because of the testimony they gave against the Scott county sheriff for taking bribes and kickbacks that sent him to prison.  

Even in the face of insurmountable odds, God is able.  Let us petition Him to spare the lives of these two women who have suffered far beyond what most of us could bear.  Then join the fight for their release by contacting Governor Barbour to let him know that this heinous and inhumane sentence makes his state the perpetrator of an infamous mockery of justice.

Governor Barbour:  877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150
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