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  • How Will The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Florida Effect Those Sentenced for Possession?

    The ‘People United for Medical Marijuana (PUFMM)’ are waging a political battle to legalize marijuana for medical usage by circulating a petition to place a constitutional amendment on Florida’s November 2010 ballot.  To date, thirteen states have enacted medical marijuana laws.  The Florida Dept. of Elections has approved the petition and the group is in the process of collecting 68,000 signatures for […]


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  • Donate a deck of cards or …

    According to an article in the October 2009 issue of the Prison Legal News,  profits from Florida’s prison canteens were transferred in 1996 from the Inmate Welfare Fund to the state’s General Revenue Fund.  The Inmate Welfare Fund was used to fund recreational programs and activities but since its elimination, programs must rely heavily on donations to operate.  So, […]

  • Governing Policy for the Florida Department of Corrections

    Forgotten Majority, The governing policy for the Dept. of Corrections is found in Chapter 33, the Florida Administrative Code.  Links for these sites are listed below. Chapter 33, Administrative Code:

  • Florida Department of Corrections

    Forgotten Majority, The Florida Department of Corrections contains information regarding all inmates and all facilities including contact phone numbers for each facility if you wish to contact the warden, classification officer or the chaplain. Florida Department of Corrections: