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  • Relief for teen sexual offenders

    There is relief under the Romeo and Juliet Law for those convicted of sexual offenses when the age difference between consensual partners is 4 years or less. The Romeo and Juliet Law, passed in 2007, Florida Statute 943.04354 (Title XLVII Criminal Procedures and Corrections), addresses the removal of the requirement to register as a sexual offender […]

  • Governing Policy for the Florida Department of Corrections

    Forgotten Majority, The governing policy for the Dept. of Corrections is found in Chapter 33, the Florida Administrative Code.  Links for these sites are listed below. Chapter 33, Administrative Code:

  • Florida Department of Corrections

    Forgotten Majority, The Florida Department of Corrections contains information regarding all inmates and all facilities including contact phone numbers for each facility if you wish to contact the warden, classification officer or the chaplain. Florida Department of Corrections: