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AVAILABLE NOW: ESAS – A Judicious Data Base That Exposes The Wide Range of Sentences For Similarly Situated Offenses.

A. Wellington Barlow, Esquire, is the brainchild behind the Equity in Sentencing Analysis System (ESAS) which secures equity in criminal sentencing.

“Over the course of my 30+ years in the legal profession, I have witnessed disparate treatment of citizens at every stage of the Criminal “Justice” System from unfair arrests and/or non-arrests by (some) police officers, excessive charging decisions and/or plea bargain offers by (some) prosecutors, disparate sentences from (a few) judges and inequitable representation by (some) private and public defense attorneys.   

These less than ideal scenarios inspired me to create web-based software that objectifies sentencing while simultaneously serving as a practical check and balance on the power prosecutors wield in the criminal justice system!  These two significant objectives are achieved by empowering defense attorneys and judges to analyze sentences in prior cases to ensure the sentences in pending cases are equitable and consistently administered regardless of Race, Gender, Class, Religion or any of the usual factors that too often facilitate disparate treatment.”
ESAS – Balancing the Scales of Justice! How it Works.
Charge(s) – Possession of a Firearm (PFCF) by a Convicted Felon, bifurcated from 2nd Degree Murder count
State – Offered 10 Years State Prison on the PFCF after defendant’s N.G. Verdict on Murder charge.
Defense  – Used ESAS to produce sentencing data (Precedent) reflecting the average plea-bargain for PFCF was between 12 months minimum and 18 months maximum.
Result – After reviewing  ESAS©™ generated “Sentencing Precedent,” the lead prosecutor voluntarily agreed to reduce offer from 10 years to 18 Months State Prison.

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