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Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.


This letter below is being sent to a sample population at every prison in the state of Florida to educate and inform offenders of the impact we are seeking for Lobby Day 2020. The Florida First Step Act, Sen Jeff Brandes, started as a strong bill for prison reform in the 2019 Session but dwindled to just a drop in the bucket, a grave disappointment. Our Mission is to have 10,000 people present for Lobby Day – January 14, 2020 – the turn of the decade, demanding substantial prison reform. You can help us by copying and printing the letter below. Mail it or email it to everyone you know in prison and then send us an email with your contact information so you won’t be left out of this mind-blowing event. Don’t miss it!

Forgotten Majority, Inc. Coalition
                                               P. O. Box 24954
                                               Jacksonville, FL  32241

Mission:  A Vision of Hope
Vision: To Assemble a Formidable Presence for Lobby Day January 14, 2020

This letter serves to educate all offenders Statewide about the importance of a huge attendance at the Capitol in Tallahassee, FL for Lobby Day 2020 and we want you involved to help us make this a day of shock and awe!  Lobby Day is an annual event where Legislators are open and available to discuss Bills being considered for passage regarding Prison and Criminal Justice Reform. Our goal is to have 10,000 attendees present which will constitute a strong unified front that our Legislators cannot ignore when they pass laws that will directly impact incarcerated citizens. We can do this considering that Florida has 100,000 offenders currently incarcerated.

We need you and everyone at your facility to inform family members, friends and significant others how critical it is to attend Lobby Day 2020. Due to continued joint efforts of Lobby Day 2019, the 65% gain time cap has been pushed forward.

 A NEW DECADE! A NEW HOPE! Many others at your prison, chosen at random, are receiving this same letter and are also being asked to pass the word. We can’t do this without you. Although, you cannot be present, you will not be left behind when there will be someone attending on your behalf and aggressively rallying for your rights, your freedom, fair sentencing and prison reform. 

Please have your family member, friend, significant other or anyone choosing to support fair and equitable justice call, text, or email us with their name and contact information. Bill updates will be provided to your point of contact.  Transportation to this event will be provided statewide.

Let the journey begin!
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