Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.


Any offender can use the Multimedia Kiosks for:
1. Exchanging email messages with friends/family
2. Exchanging Video Grams and photos with friends & family.
3. Conducting scheduled video visitation sessions with friends & family
4. Purchasing music, games, eBooks, audio books and renting movies
5.  Accessing the Employ Florida Marketplace to review  job listings

FDC will be transitioning from the digital MP3 players to tablets which can be used for:
1. Exchanging email and eCards with friends & family
2. Watching rented movies
3. Playing games
4. Reviewing educational videos via Khan Academy Lite
5. Reviewing GED preparation materials
6. Viewing Video Grams and photos with friends & family
7. Reading eBooks
8. Reading a monthly news feed of current events
9. Listening to Audio Books

The following free content is included with each tablet:
a. Several games
b. 100 eBooks
c. An assortment of music

Offenders who have purchased an MP3  will be able to receive a free JP5 mini tablet, along with a $10 credit to the JPay media store, if they transition within the first 60 days the tablets become available at their institution.  Or, offenders can apply the value of the free tablet to purchase the larger JP5 S at a reduced cost.  Those who have an MP3 with a music collection will be able to keep their player until January 2019 or until they transition to a new tablet.  However, no new music can be added  at this time. After January 2019 or upon choosing to obtain a new tablet, offenders will be allowed to send their digital music players home.  The MP3s can be mailed by friends/family to Access Corrections to have the security restrictions removed (or have the purchase songs downloaded to a CD at a cost of $24.95) which will allow unrestricted personal use.

How much will it cost?  New customers will pay half price for the tablets during the first 60 day promotional period.

Tablet 4.3″ JP5mini – $79.99
Tablet 7″ JP5S  – $129.99
Replacement Earbuds – $10
Armband – $10
High Definition Wired Headphones – $40
Songs – $1 – $2.50
Games – $0 – $7.99
Movies – $0.99 – $7.99
Audiobooks – $0.99 – $19.99
News Subscriptions – Up to $7.99 per month
eBooks – $0.99
Video Visitation – $2.95 per 15 minute session

In addition, there are costs for electronic stamps ranging from $0.39 for a single stamp to $21 for a 60 stamp bundle.  E-Stamps are required for emails, video grams, ecards, photo attachments, printouts of mail messages and attachments ($0.25 ea) and color printouts ($1 ea). An email with one attachment would cost 2 e-stamps with the exception of offenders in Special Housing Units.  Their friends/family would pay for 1 additional stamp (3 in total) to cover the cost of message and attachment printouts.
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