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Addressed to Governor Rick Scott – Created by Jewie Tryon.

In this March 8, 2016, photo, Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones visits with Wakulla Correctional Institution inmates. Citing staff shortages and safety issues, the agency has announced it will curtail inmate visitation for the next 90 days.
Now the Florida Department of Correction’s new visitation policy, taking effect in April 2018, will restrict visitation for friends and family.  Knowing full well the unmatched benefits of visitation,  which includes inmate well-being and reductions in recidivism, FDC will decrease visitation to once every other weekend causing undue stress and frustration to everyone in the System.  The trickle down effect is bound to weaken and hurt familial relationships and increase offender violence and abuses by staff, which remains rampant.  FDC’s reasoning for this change is to cut back on the amount of contraband being introduced.  Really!  So instead of taking contraband in on a weekly basis, visitors will now have to wait a week while corrupt correctional officers have daily opportunity.  Read the full story at:

David Richardson, a Miami Democrat who studies prison corruption, claims the vast majority of contraband coming into the prisons isn’t coming from the public but from staffers who work at the prisons.  So why are inmates and families being made to suffer for FDC’s lack of damage control.

Prison is tough enough with substandard medical care, overpricing of everything from phone calls, to tablets, to unhealthy canteen foods high in saturated fats, sugar and cholesterol.   JPay fees are insulting and if you dare send  a money order, you’ve got a 2 week plus wait for your payment to post.  Securus reigns on FDC properties.  Skype is not free!  Inquisitive minds want to know if this change in policy is not being driven by the Fat Cats that impose exorbitant costs many families cannot afford, the same ones pushing video visitation at $2.95 for 15 minutes!

What’s next?  Could personal visitation, as we know it, soon come to an abrupt end!  Under the new policy, married couples will suffer tremendously.  For many of them, their world centers on visiting their spouses on Saturday and Sunday of every week.  And children will see less of their beloved parent weakening that critical bond.  None of us are perfect saints but inmates are not ‘aint’s’ either.  They exist, they are human beings, they need love and support to function at their highest level.  Instead FDC moves to dehumanize when a better way is to normalize.  Nothing is adequate replacement for the human touch, a tender hug or embrace and a loving kiss.  These are healthy for the soul, nothing else can heal an aching heart or quench loneliness and despair. Remember most offenders do come home!

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On March 8th, the Protest March will take place in front of the Florida Department of Corrections, from noon to 3pm.  Location:  501 S. Calhoun St.,  Tallahassee, FL 32399.  Either take a stand to fight injustice or sit down and don’t complain.  With almost 100,000 inmates incarcerated, our one voice is strong enough to be heard nationwide!  There’s strength in numbers. Spread this info.  Get to Tallahassee – carpool, charter bus, any means necessary.  If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, and will attend, contact this editor for more information at: