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MP3FDOC’s response to the barrage of complaints about the ineffective Brownie battery. Forgotten Majority sent the following message to Sec. Jones regarding this issue.

“Dear Secretary Jones,
You may not be aware that the Alkaline batteries once sold in the Canteen for MP3 use have been replaced by an inferior Zinc Chloride Brownie battery which renders about 3 days of play. It is reported that the Brownie is responsible for irreversible damage to some of the Players.  MP3s are designed to use Alkaline batteries which provide about 3 weeks of playing time. This is significant!  In addition, it is financially burdensome for families to pay $1.80 every 3 days to enable loved ones to use their Players. Several inmates have lodged complaints which sadly have fallen on deaf ears.

With the MP3 being one of very few prison pleasantries, I am requesting your consideration in making a durable/alkaline battery available to inmates for proper operation of their electronic investment.”
Thanking you in advance,
Judy Thompson

3/2/16 at 2:26 p.m.
The timely response from FDOC Operations Management Division.

“The Department has received numerous complaints regarding the Brownie brand non-alkaline batteries available for purchase in our statewide inmate canteens. Based on these complaints, the Department completed extensive tests on the quality and life cycle of these products.  As a result, the Department decided to remove the Brownie non-alkaline batteries and reintroduce the Energizer brand alkaline batteries to the statewide inmate canteens.  On February 23, 2016, the Department formally notified our statewide inmate canteen contracted provider of this decision and the transition of batteries should be completed within the next 30 to 60 days.”

Though this may appear to be a minor issue in comparison to others we post on this site, it is an issue that effects all inmates that own electronic devices as well as their families that are burdened by the expense of providing the batteries.  We appreciate FDOC’s prompt remedy.