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Want to know how you can pocket the astronomical fees you’re paying these companies to connect you to your loved one and add funds to the canteen account?  This has been a best kept secret – but not for long.

best kept secret

In addition to the connection fee and per minute fee for a 15 minute pre-paid phone call, Global Tel Link and Securus charge a service fee which soars to $11.95 whenever money is added to the phone account.  JPay charges from $4.95 to $12.95 to add money to the inmate’s commissary account.  So if you have an incarcerated loved one, you’re being hit with whopping fees in order to receive that precious call and keep funds in the prison canteen account for food items that are grossly overpriced.

Did you know that you can mail in your payment and it’s only going to cost you a $.49 stamp. 

Of course you didn’t, that’s why you’re still paying out the yang.  STOP!  JUST STOP!  There’s a much better way and you will be able to keep those crazy fees for yourself.  You’ll save $15 or more a month even if you only fund the phone and canteen account once.  Taking a moment to fill out a money order can amount to big bucks over time, the same big bucks GTL, Securus and JPay are pocketing.  Best of all, these companies will be forced to rethink the ridiculous fees they are imposing on struggling families.

Sadly, Florida boasts over 100,000 inmates which translates into mega bucks for these companies.  But their profits will dwindle when the bulk of company time and labor is spent processing money orders versus the coveted, revenue-generating debit and credit card payments.   It may take a week for your payment to post but your savings will be significant.  And if you strategically time your payments, you will always have phone minutes and money in the commissary account.   Defaulting to a debit or credit card is still an option in an emergent situation.

This is a secret no-one should keep. PASS IT ON!  Start with your incarcerated loved ones and tell them to pass it on – word of mouth travels fast on the inside.  Post it on Facebook, blog it on Prison Talk, text it on the new cell you’ll be able to buy with all the money you’re going to save.

For JPAY you can send a money order, cashier’s check or bank draft up to $999.99 to:
JPay, PO Box 260010, Hollywood, FL 33026.
Print out the form to accompany your money order at:
or call 800-574-5729 to have forms mailed to you directly.

For GLOBAL TEL LINK, you set up an account by calling 877-650-4249 or by going to

Once the account is established, you can send a money order or certified check to GTL, P. O. Box 911722, Denver, CO  80291.  Be sure to include the area code and phone number on the account, your zip code and the name of the correctional facility receiving the calls.  For further assistance, call  877-650-4249 or 800-483-8314.

For Securus, you set up an account by calling 1-800-844-6591 or by going to

Once the account is established, you can send a check, money order or cashier’s check to  Securus Correctional Billing Services, P.O. Box 650757, Dallas Texas  75267-0757.  There is no minimum payment required.  You can send $2 if you so choose.  Be sure to include name, address and the phone number with the money order.