Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.



Senator Greg Evers, District 2,  took a bold step on Lobby Day, Tuesday,     February 21, 2012, when he spoke in favor of Parole in Florida.  This Senator is not ‘soft’ on crime, he is smart on crime!  Senator Evers proposed that parolees wear monitoring devices and be subject to severe penalties for violating.   Monitoring would cost significantly  less than  the $22,000  annual price tag hanging from the necks of Florida’s 103,000 inmates.  And that basic cost continues to climb in direct proportion to the age of the inmate.  Costs of supervision would be reduced by monthly fees and payments collected from the parolee.  At the same time,  reformed felons would return to their families and work while complying with their parole requirements.

Senator Evers’ constituency consists of Holmes, Washington, and parts of
Bay, Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton counties.  He chairs the   Criminal Justice Committee and is one of a distinguished group of legislative champions  who is not afraid to openly address the ills of mass incarceration and the unsustainable cost.

Let’s all take a moment to thank Senator Evers for being part of the solution.

District Offices:
598 North Ferdon Blvd.
Crestview, FL 32536
(850) 689-0556
Fax (850) 689-7932
Legislative Assistants:  Gregory Brown and Ann McGraw

24 North Tarragona
Pensacola, FL 32502
(850) 595-0213
Fax (850) 595-0214
Legislative Assistant:  Molly Caddell

Tallahassee Office:
308 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
(850) 487-5000
FAX (850) 487-5276
Legislative Assistant: Michael Bascom