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TOO MUCH TIME FOR THE CRIME? Featuring Gregory L. Stephens, Sr.

                               Greg Stephens
Mr. Stephens is surrounded by a loving and supportive family.  He describes himself as a God-fearing man who is blessed with spiritual qualities of love, kindness, strength and guidance.  Greg just celebrated another birthday on the inside but his birthday wish is to be reunited with his mom, son and family members.   
Pictured with his grand neice, Greg says he is a changed man. He is focused, religious and has an acute understanding of the law.  His experience as a law clerk led to the reversal of his life sentence in 2008. His sentence was then reduced to 23 years. Greg claims his ‘habitual felony offender’ status is unconstitutional and has just filed a motion in January to correct an illegal sentence.   If granted, he will be immediately released.

                                              You be the judge!
                    Was Gregory given Too Much Time For The Crime?
Crime:  Armed Burglary 1996

Time:   Life
Resentenced in 2008  
Sentence reduced to 23 years                                                                                        

Judge:  Andrew Owens

County:  Sarasota