Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.



Above article provided courtesy of Sarah McLaughlin, editor, Florida Star Newspaper.

The Rally to Reinstate Parole in Florida, sponsored by Forgotten Majority, Inc., was held at the Gateway Shopping Center, Jacksonville.  We were honored to have Representative Mia Jones attend and offer words of encouragement on behalf of Mayor Alvin Brown.  The featured speakers, Mr. Lawrence Stewart and Mr. Willie Smith, talked about their lives inside prison walls as well as the great work they are doing on the outside, advocating for parole and  successful Re-entry programs.  Mr. Corey Wilborn, an advocate of civil liberties,  served on the question and answer panel along with Rep. Jones and Forgotten Majority members – Judy Thompson and Sheila Graham.  The AD 33 group and Sandra Parkes provided soothing entertainment and Organizing for America handled voter registration. Many others offered their assistance in the areas of set up, clean up, petition signing and food service.  Constructive information was disseminated on a variety of issues relating to the effort to Reinstate Parole.   A great time was had by all and we look forward to holding rallies throughout the state of Florida to get all who support the reinstatement of Parole in Florida involved.  A special thanks to all who made this Rally a success.