Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.



                             PROJECT R.E.A.C.H., INC.
                                     A non-profit 501 (c)(3) (Re-enfranchisement) Organization

The lips of many leaders have remained tight and voices silent, relative to the horrific conditions surrounding the criminal/juvenile justice system, a system which continues to plague many African American, Hispanic and poor communities throughout the United States.  We have reached out to leaders, asking that they advocate against the cruel and inhumane treatments within the prison industrial complex and the conditions that often fuel this system, such as poverty, racism, the war on drugs, sentencing guidelines/disparities, three strikes, and mandatory minimum laws.

It would seem that the case for reducing incarceration rates could not be stronger, especially with the political debates to cut our national debt. However, many groups have vested interest in keeping prisons as full as possible – the private prison corporations, their shareholders and those that continue to suppress the vote.

 According to a report by the Justice Policy Institute, the country’s two largest private prison companies, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, pocketed collective annual revenues of 2.9 billion dollars at the close of 2010. The report states, “While private prison companies may try to present themselves as just meeting existing demand for prison beds and responding to current market conditions, in fact, they have worked hard over the past decade to create markets for their product.  As revenues of private prison companies have grown over the past decade, the companies have had more resources with which to build political power, and they have used this power to promote policies that lead to higher rates of incarceration.

It is time to demand that our religious, civil rights, political and community leaders become pro-active in strongly advocating for liberty and justice for all.  It’s time to break the silence!

                             “At no time do we condone wrongness on either side of the wall”. 

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