Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.


This narrative is the memoire of an ex-inmate who chose to share the pangs of his incarceration in a Florida prison.  It gives outsiders a peek at dirty deeds committed behind prison walls without condemnation.  If others would come forth, once free  and no longer in a position to become victims of retaliation and truthfully tell their story, those actions committed in darkness would become transparent to all and save many from cruelty and suffering. 


I would also like to see accountability for all. As I can understand a reward system for behaviour is only a temp. fix for an unruly inmate.  Only a permanent consequence may deter.  But its hard to see the benefit of conduct when the officers are rewarded for mis-conduct in the face of example and the guise of public service at a human landfill.  “What happens at the gulf, stays at the gulf”  was the common comment.  And admin. was all too glad to remind me at cell front that, “Why this is one of our best officers.”  And so was Himler to Hitler, may have been my response which bought  me an evil stare and grin when my food was delivered. “Enjoy whats in it” meant for a hungry night. Often ON VERY COLD NIGHTS a fan would be placed in front of a cold shower with all outside doors open. It would get soo… cold that the rookie officers would suffer in the process. Fortunately I understood the power of the pen to record and a way to by-pass routine mail system.  Once I was placed in cell # 6 where the  windows would not close and everyone else’s window did so the exhaust fan pulled anything off the window. Shivering so badly that the ice cold food would fall off the spork before reaching my mouth. Fearing the worst (FREEZING TO DEATH SLOWLY), I layed down. I do believe in guardian angels. Idea came! Lying on the cold floor with a short rubber pen I began to prepare a motion for execution and sent it to the governors office.  It worked. The Sgt. who threatened me with discipline for complaining and trying to cover the window came to my cell as if we were old fishing buddies, asked me to take a walk w/o cuffs to awaiting wardens, psych.dctrs. etc. I refused to move w/o my cellmate who would have sufferd. WE were moved to a cell with heat and closing window with  priveleges.  Regional director sent a letter “Look for peace within yourself.”  “Yeah and the piece to fix the window”,  I replied.  And the power of divine intervention to the written word to record where fear of being found out produced action.  They didn’t care if I sufferred, but they could forsee the truth unalterable,undeniable.  I never used it again but kept it for emergency. Was I wrong?  I feel for those who can’t defend.  I feel guilty but good triumped. There are ways to prevail.