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How Can KEEFE Sell Items Clearly Marked ‘Not For Retail Sale’ When Publix and Winn Dixie Cannot?

A recent visitor to one of the correctional facilities in Florida purchased a coffee packet and a creamer marked ‘Not For Retail Sale’.  There is a reason why this is a violation for retailers.  According the Dept. of Agriculture, when an item is labeled ‘not for individual sale’ or  ‘not for retail sale’, the customer is unable to determine whether the product is out of date as well as the amount of calories, cholesterol, fats, sugars or anything else that the food contains.  My attempt to find out whether this poses a violation by Keefe and the FDOC led to a maze of unsuccessful contacts.  My efforts began on Monday, December 14, 2009 with a call to my city’s service line.  I was directed to the Dept. of Agriculture who informed me that prisons do not fall within their purview and they instructed me to contact my local Health Dept, even though the issue is statewide.  Nevertheless, I was transferred  to Environmental Health.  Their recording forwarded me to the Bureau of Business and Professional Regulation who informed me that they only oversee restaurants & hot dog carts but not prison canteens.  They gave me a  number for the State Dept. of Health who referred me to a Consumer Services for Enforcement hotline who stated that they only govern hospitals and health care.  After spending time on forever holds and being tossed shamelessly from this agency to that department, I decided to call it quits and get a fresh start in the a.m.