Forgotten Majority

Advocating for the just and humane treatment of those who are incarcerated.


glasses for FM

What i see ain’t nothin’ like you see on TV…
unadulterated oppression fresh off the key.
Snort a line of this, i guarantee your vision will be H.D.
Black man in a white man’s world where heads meet the gelatin.
i see a young man hand washing his clothes in the toilet in the same fashion as his slave ancestors,
i see African-American men in the field picking snap peas with shackles cutting their swollen ankles as the radiant sun kisses their ebony skin.
Dare me to cut on the 91″ flat screen of my life?  What i see ain’t nothin’ like you see on TV
i see six white men with mouths full of chewing tobacco, standing at the cell door of a misunderstood youth shouting racial slurs and obscenities while applying chemical agent to his bare flesh, all because of his dark skin tone.
i see him screaming, calling upon the name of God as he’s tormented and dehumanized.
i see a bus load of talent and potential traveling down the highways of hatred and racism, similar to the ships that coasted the turbulent oceans, slowly being consumed by the maggots of folly.
What i see ain’t nothin’ like you see on TV, a psychological revolution whose ammunition is ignorance and is solidified into currency that breeds jealousy and envy.
What i see, a panoramic vision that enables me to see through the television screen.
What i see ain’t nothin’ like you see on TV – experience the third eye.

Submitted by “100”